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This is the century for natural cures and free, clean energy.  If you have room in your home for a portable pyramid in which you can read for 20 minutes a day or take a small nap in, you can greatly benefit your health and well-being in many ways.  Pyramids can be complicated in design to build.  But with my simple Pyramid Jet Fighter design you will be able to build home-size pyramids using any materials you wish - Fast and Easy!

From the desk of Lee Cusano
Re: How Free Pyramid Energy Can Benefit Your Total Well-Being.

Dear Friend,Lee2013_edited-1

My name is Lee Cusano.  I discovered the fascinating subject of pyramid energy as a young man almost 30 years ago. 

The first time I saw anything about pyramids was when I was a kid.  Someone I didn't even know sent me some obscure, full-color, piece of mail showing us all living in pyramid homes some day in the 21st century looking like the Egyptians of the past.

Over the years the subject of pyramids has kept re-surfacing in my life.  For example, At one time I struggled to be a business success in life.  I just couldn't get my act together. I discovered transcendental meditation classes going on through a local TV commercial.  Some "TM experts" were coming to town.  I went through the transcendental course but couldn't do that successfully either.  So, because I had seen pictures of someone meditating using a pyramid, I decided to build one of my own.

The reason I was attracted to "TM" was because their commercials said TM could increase your intelligence, improve your eyesight, lower your blood-pressure, improve your well-being, etc... and I needed a "business edge" which, was higher intelligence.  I wanted to use these benefits that TM offered as a tool to help me become successful in life as a businessman.

So when TM didn't work for me, I turned to pyramid energy, which eventually played a major part in my success later on in life, but that is a long story that I cannot get into here.  You see, with a pyramid, you can get the same identical results that TM can offer you but without all the crap.

* All you have to do is spend time in your pyramid for about 20 minutes or so a few times a week and you will get the same health benefits from it that meditation can offer.

My first experience inside a pyramid was a soft pulse to the forehead that gave me stress-release.  My wife experienced it too.

Today’s Trends

Today’s trends is that just about every home now has access to a wealth of information (their computer, satellite TV, cell phones and complete access to the whole world electronically).

The big buzz words nowadays are to "detox", "eat organic foods" and "go green with clean energy".  Yet one of the oldest, but most beneficial tools for people to use that links us to life itself is virtually untapped!

Again, this is the age of conserving energy, thinking green and natural cures.  And Pyramid Energy is an amazing secret tool that we can also tap into!  This is free, clean, energy that promotes health and well-being. We’re talking free energy from a geometric shape.  The wave of the future.  It has even been called “sacred architecture”.

Pyramids are becoming more and more popular today because people are catching on to the trend of Natural Cures through age-old remedies.

* For example, a scientist, after focusing on ancient Chinese herbal remedies and studying 2000 different herbs, just created a lollipop that has the licorice root in it.  And this natural herb kills the bacteria that causes cavities!  This new “lollipop” won’t even need FDA approval since it's organic!

Marketing Madness

New trends in health today are focusing on natural cures.  Modern medicine, because of a sincere interest and genuinely trying to help people has unfortunately at some points turned to emphasizing on turning a profit.  This has bound people to unnatural chemicals that keep people dependent on them because they are only supposed to be a temporary relief at most.

Today’s marketing of medicine seems to be focused on getting people on a permanent monthly pay plan.  Everything from cable TV to meals for weight loss is on a monthly payment plan.  It’s as if medicine and everything else under the sun has gone re-bill crazy due to electronic payment plans.

But then, it is nothing new.  The big medical dynasties have been pill-pushing the American society for at least a 100 years now.  Back in the 60’s when teens were experimenting and psychedelic drugs were new on the scene, the big pharmacy companies were quietly behind the curtains making legal uppers and downers as fast as they could.

Today They Got A Magic Pill For Everything

If you are are sad… a pill.  If you are too happy… a pill.  Are you worried about stuff?… a pill.  Need to lose weight? can’t sleep? can’t enjoy sex? pee too much?  your kid can’t sit still in class or concentrate? … there is pills for these things too!

Open up! – pills are good!  Open your mouth, open your wallet…

You say you only got six months to live?  If you owe the doctor money he will gladly extend your life another 6 months probably with a pill!

AS THE OLD SAYING GOES, “What is the perfect product to sell?"

ANSWER: "The perfect product to sell is one that can be made for a dime, sold for a dollar and is habit-forming!”

Hence, the “PILL” is the perfect product for modern day marketers!  Pill, bill, re-fill, re-bill, to infinity and beyond… (that's the American medicine way!)

Now I'm not stupid.  If I had a magic pill, I too would sell it for all it's worth.  I’m not saying all medicines are bad either.  That would be stupid. But when you watch the commercials on TV that play over and over and over again…

Especially on the nightly news… you can see why much of the bad news is there for one thing – to cater to their beloved advertisers that keep them on the air… the pill guys!

See, the news alone is negative and they breed on negative middle-aged and older people who buy lots of pills.  That's because there is a market for everything.  The pill pushers pay the news guys big money in order to reach their target market.

So the news guys do anything they can to keep cranking out fresh news good or bad.  No wonder we need a pill after watching all that negative news.  And the commercial guys keep bombarding us and try to program our brains with their pill commercials with people looking happy because they just started a new pill (which, is true because there is a market for everything -- even organic, natural foods and cures, which is better of course because it is natural)!

  • The drug companies push medicine for common ailments that instead could be treated organically …
  • (and remember, these medicines are supposed to be temporary helps, not something you should live on for the rest of your life).
  • Plus when they mention (by law) all the possible side effects … Wow!
  • And we are now hearing reports about how traces of all these chemicals are now getting into our water supply
  • For years it’s been illegal to smoke marijuana yet a doctor will prescribe adults drugs that any drug-taking teenager would love to get his hands on. Or the side effects of some of these drugs are so serious you would be better off smoking pot!

Alternative Medicine – Isn’t it time to find a better way… a natural way to treat our common ailments?

Did you know that ancient Chinese physicians were only paid when you were in good health?  If you got sick they lost money.  I guess their whole emphasis then would be on keeping their patients well – NOT keeping them sick!

You say you only got six months to live?  As the old joke goes, "If you owe the doctor money he will gladly extend your life another 6 months"!

It’s time to harness natural free energy to help us improve our lives.  Just as the engineer who drools at the thought of perpetual energy while running and grabbing for a wrench, the natural energy that we can tap into has been here all along for the taking!

Even NASA has known for a long time that pyramids represent a special type of energy that is beneficial to mankind.  With today’s energy shortages, environmental problems and ever increasing medical expenses, there has never been a better time for pyramid energy to become a popular alternative to some man-made problems.


  • A pyramid home is the most economical type of structure to heat and to cool (as reported by the owner of a well-known aircraft company).
  • Just as people need love, acceptance and touch (especially in infancy), our bodies and every living thing responds well to touch. The magic is in the life forced energy that is given off by every living thing.
  • The geometrical shape (pyramid) has an energy field around it called “Kalerian energy”. This special life-force energy has the power to make broken bones heal 30% faster!
  • I noticed that my hair grew faster from spending time in my pyramid. Mostly on the sides, (my hair has thinned out on top over the years).
  • When you order the Amazing Pyramids manual, you will discover what makes pyramids work. It’s not magic, it’s just plain old God-given science that we are only now beginning to understand!
  • Even the universe and the Earth itself runs on perpetual energy.

Natural Cures – An Oasis of Healing In Your Home

Picture somewhere in a quiet corner of your house you have your own pyramid set up.  It’s a quiet, peaceful place where you can go for relief from a rough day, a stressful day, a place of healing when you are in physical pain.

Maybe your pyramid is made out of wood like a nice piece of furniture.  You go inside and it smells like fresh pine or maple.  Like a new home being built.  It is so comfortable in there.  It is your quiet place of refuge when needed.

After a long hard stressful day.  You have this nice, quiet, comfortable spot inside your pyramid to maybe read a book, listen to music and just be alone for awhile where you can relieve stress and re-collect your thoughts.  Even share romantic time with your spouse.

As you begin to relax, you start feeling these slight tingles of warm massaging energy beginning to make your body feel good as you gradually get more and more relaxed.

You maybe doze off for about 15 or 20 minutes.  When you awake, you leave your pyramid feeling peaceful and rested.  You are ready for a nice evening to do the things you enjoy.

Natural Cures – Great Benefits Await You

What pyramids can do for us “health wise” has been nothing short of extremely amazing.  Over the years I have seen and discovered many, many interesting pieces of information about The Great Pyramid that has been extremely beneficial to me.

Intense information about pyramids did gradually resurface to meet my needs over the years.

I have put all my experiences together about what pyramid energy did for me and can do for you in a complete guide to help you quickly enjoy it’s many healthful benefits.

Not only will you discover the many health benefits of pyramid energy, but you will find out how easy it is to build one of your own using my simplified Pyramid Jet FighterTM design.  And also to be able to build one inexpensively if your wish.

Plus, I will even show you how to make money building them for others with health needs, curiosity or whatever motivates them.  So if you decide to make some money helping people get better that natural way, here you go.

New 39-page, Fully-Illustrated Manual Shows You Step-By-Step, How To Easily Build Any Size Pyramid You Want And At Low Cost …

 … So You Can Immediately Start Enjoying and Experiencing The Health Benefits For Yourself!

You’ll Discover…

natural curesHow to Easily Build Your Own Pyramid in 8 Easy Steps (easy-to-follow Pyramid Jet FighterTM design!)

Which Pyramid is the Correct One to Duplicate…

Who Really Built the Pyramids…

The Many, Many Health and Other Benefits of Having a Pyramid in Your Home or Back Yard…

How To Make Money Helping People Solve Some Of Their Basic Health Problems (The Natural Way instead of man-made chemicals…)



How Can Pyramid Energy Improve Your Life?

Why would anyone want to know more about pyramids?  Simply because pyramid space is very special space!  There is free energy being harnessed inside that is very beneficial to mankind.  It’s not voodoo – it is science.  The same energy benefits that we receive from natural sunlight is concentrated inside a pyramid (remember, the whole universe runs on perpetual energy).

Pyramids are very safe and in no wise are they a cult, evil or a magic device.  If they appear that way, it is because man has perverted them.  This is free, pure energy, found right here on planet Earth for man to enjoy and benefit from.

Animals Love It Too

Animals feel at peace around pyramids.  If they were evil, animals would sense it at stay away from them.  You don’t have to be a “new age” type of person to use pyramid energy, but rather more like a scientist or astronaut that sets his pyramid up on a far distant planet, far from home to live in or work in and to optimize his health and for growing his food.

What can Pyramid Energy do for You?


  • Lower Your Blood Pressure
  • Improve your complexion (stop zits on contact, maybe even acne!)
  • Stop Tooth Decay and Tooth Aches
  • Stop Bed-Wetting
  • Improve Your Eyesight
  • Improve Your Hearing
  • Help You Get Your Sleep
  • Reduce Chronic Back Pain
  • Improve Your Sex Drive
  • Improve Your Digestion
  • Make Your Plants Grow Like Crazy
  • Turn Milk Into Yogurt
  • Dehydrate Foods
  • Sharpen Knives
  • Give More Power To Your Legs
  • Raise Your Creativity Level
  • Energize Water
  • Animals love them – good for your pets health too!
  • Discover an Easy-to-Build, Low-Cost Home Pyramid that will easily fit in a spare room or your basement.
  • Or … Build an Outdoor Pyramid in Your Back Yard – (maybe a greenhouse pyramid).
  • Pyramids are safe – animals like them too!
  • Build your Dog a Pyramid Dog House!
  • Discover WHO Really Built the Great Pyramid of Gaza (The 7th Wonder of the World)!

How To Build Your Own Pyramid

  • Get My Simple 8-Step Pyramid Jet Fighter™ Design that eliminates any hassles or guesswork in building yours…
  • You will discover the most simple, low-cost design ever!
  • Low-cost materials are found in your own home town.
  • The plans are so simple to follow, even the novice can create one!

Want a Sample of Proof Why Pyramids are Good For Our Health?

O.K. You have heard of Prismatic light right (sunlight shinning through crystal)?  Did you know that plants respond and grow well with prismatic light?  The walls of the prism are the same unique angles found in pyramids.  These angles create all the full colors of the light spectrum (colors of the rainbow).

For years, barbers have cleaned their scissors and combs using ultraviolet light.  Pyramids are believed to harness and radiate this cleansing and healthy type of light energy that is beneficial to man and animals.

Health Benefits Include:

  • Improve digestion (help stop acid reflux)
  • Relieve chronic pain (many people suffer from back pain)
  • Improve hearing
  • Improve vision
  • Stop cavities, decay and/or abscesses, heal your gums
  • Sleep better
  • Enhance or improve sexual desire and performance
  • Lower blood pressure (relieve hypertension)
  • Energize your personal-care items (hand lotions, facial creams, etc.)

Mental Benefits:

  • Easier meditation
  • Increase levels of creativity
  • Increase all around mental well-being
  • Stop bed-wetting

Other Uses Include:

  • Dehydration of meats and vegetables
  • Transferring pyramid energy to water
  • Storing pyramid energy in aluminum (for up to a year)
  • Making yogurt
  • Germinating seedlings
  • Grow beautiful expensive plants faster, healthier
  • Mellowing wine
  • Mellowing tobacco
  • Sharpening razor blades and knives

Basically, pyramid energy improves and enhances our lives.  This strange geometric shape is even seen in the geometric lines of the Stealth Bomber (that make it invisible to radar).  NASA has also taken a sincere interest in pyramids as well for years now.

Save Your Life

High blood-pressure is also called the silent killer – millions of people have high blood pressure and don’t even know it.  It is also called hypertension.  Pyramids can relieve high levels of stress which brings on this “hypertension”.  (You can get the same benefits that meditation gives you without the meditating.)  Pyramid energy is very beneficial for just this fact alone.  I have put it all together for you in a new easy-to-read, fully-illustrated, 39-page, in-color PDF manual.  Now you can get everything you need to create your own small or large pyramids for personal use.

Everything is Explained in Simple Detail and Color Photos

  • You’ll Get Exact Easy Instructions on How To Easily Build Your Own Indoor or Outdoor Pyramid.
  • You will be Shown What Low Cost Materials to Build Yours With
  • How and Where to Set it For the Most Energy

BONUS: Order before midnigFreeht and I will show you how to make money building pyramids for people and how to get all the customers you can handle for FREE!

guarOrder with Confidence with My “No-Risk” Money-Back Guarantee!

Try my book out for a full eight weeks.  During that time, if for any reason you are unsatisfied, just e-mail me for a no-questions asked, no hassle refund and you can even keep the bonus offer.

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Lee Cusano

P.S. Save yourself tons of money, grief and wasted time by taking better care of your health TODAY and experiencing general well-being the Natural Way!